Watergardens Town Centre- A review

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Watergardens Town centre








Basic info

Cinema – Hoyts

Foodcourt – Yes

Major stores – Big W, Target, JB Hifi, Rebel sport

Supermarkets– Coles, Woolworths (x2)

Parking– Free

So I’ll admit, I’m a lover of shopping centres. The convenience of having all those shops under the one roof is great. In summer it has air con and in winter, it has warmth.


Way to Watergardens town centre

Water gardens Town Centre is actually located in Taylors Lakes (post code 3038). To drive here from the CBD will take you 26mins using tolls however this can increase a lot if you travel at peak hour times. If you wish to avoid the tolls, it will take you upward of 38mins- again if travelling through peak hour this timing will increase. The best way is to take the train. Watergardens train station is right next door to the shopping centre. You can take the Sunbury line to get here and also the Watergardens trains (this train doesn’t run very often so you are better off looking for the Sunbury train). If the train does the ‘city loop’ expect it to take about 42min. If you go from Southern Cross station with no loop then you are looking at 35mins.


So the first thing I look at in a shopping centre is parking. Watergardens doesn’t have any multi level car parking but it does have a lot of parking around the complex. I have always been able to find a park but during those really, really busy days the park is usually of the very out skirts of the complex.

Stand out feature – Station Street Dining

The shopping centre itself doesn’t have any stand out feature (well not one for me). There is however Station Street dining on the outside which is great for food. The atmosphere is very family oriented. There are no night clubs but there is The Sporting Globe (sports bar) that is open but will usually close around midnight. Other restaurants you’ll find are Hogs breath, La Porchetta, Grill’d, The Good fish and co., Max Brenner chocolate bar, Cafe Greco, San Churro chocolates and Switch. It is a very popular spot and gets very busy at dinner time 6pm-8pm.

Food court

The food court has a few options- there is the chain fast food places of McDonalds, KFC and Subway. But the food court also

Watergardens Foodcourt

has asian, kebabs and salads. There is heaps of sitting available but like any food court, during peak times, finding a seat will be hard. So there is no stand out to a lot of other food courts in other shopping centres but its handy to have. There is a nice cafe that does chai lattes about 2 shops up from KFC, opposite the San Churro chocolates.


The two big department stores at Watergardens are Target and Big W. There is a selection of clothes shops from yd, Millers, Jay jays plus many more. The supermarkets that are available are Woolworths and Coles. Woolworths actually has 2 stores, they are opposite sides of the shopping centre which is great if you are only going to one end of the centre. JB Hifi is at one end of the store, it does sell some home appliances plus the usual JB stuff of Blu-rays, TV’s, phones etc.

Around the centre

Around Watergardens there is lots of other shops and restaurants. There is the Watergardens Tavern, Brimbank library, Red Rooster, DiCaprio (Italian restaurant) and there is another section of the block that has Spotlights, Anaconda, BCF, Fantastic furniture, Sports Amart plus others. Across the road is the Bunnings store plus Harvey Norman, BBQgalore, Rays outdoors plus more.

Final word

I like Watergardens. Its easy to get to, has plenty of parking and a good selection of shops. I visit the centre very regularly but I do not do my weekly grocery shop here. The supermarkets here aren’t the best stocked so I go elsewhere but I do drop in for ‘top up’ shops. When I am in need of new clothes then Watergardens has all the shops I need. In fact the centre as a whole, has all the stores I need. The only exception is it doesn’t have a T2 store. If it had that then it would be a perfect shopping centre.

For more information and a complete list of shops click here.

For more information on Station Street Dining, click here.

If you think another shopping centre is better please leave a comment down below and tell me why. Maybe you could convince me to visit it myself 🙂


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