Stadium stomp @ the M.C.G.

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Today, June 18th 2017, I decided I would be physical and get some exercise by doing Stadium Stomp @ the M.C.G. Am I sore? Yes. Will I do it again next year? Yep.

What is it?

Stadium stomp is an event that opens up the M.C.G. for participants to come and try their fitness at completing all 7300 steps. This takes in the bottom their of the stadium and the 3rd tier. There is a half course which only does the bottom tier for those who think they might not make the full course. There is also a third option which is unlimited steps (nope not for me either. Once was more then adequate!).

Top of the MCG

Where is it?

The event was held at the M.C.G. here in Melbourne. From Southern Cross station you can catch the number 18 tram form out the front and it’ll take you about 18mins to get there. You can also train it but it does mean a bit more walking.

Also this event is done around the country so check the website to see if it is near you.

When is it?

This year was on the 18th of June. However the date changes but is usually held in June.

Who can do it?

Anyone who likes to be challenged. I went with a couple of friends from my gym, that way we can swap stories and place our bibs on the ‘wall of achievement’ (not sure if it has a name but thats what I’m calling it for now).

Why do it?

Cause it challenges yourself. It is a great feeling to actually complete the course (or most of it), as there is 7300 steps involved.  Some people use it to raise money for a charity as well, complete with costumes. I even saw firefighters in full gear doing it!

How do I attend?

Simple just register online and then on the day you come in at least 30mins before your start time to pick up your bib.


The city from the MCG

It is a fun day but it is hard. I’m by no means extremely fit but I was able to complete most of the course. To me the bottom tier on its on was too easy but the full course was too much. My legs started to shake so I did miss a few steps. The going up of stairs was fine but the coming down was getting harder and harder. At one stage I was taking a drink and my left leg was shaking!

Once I got home I had a bath with Epsom salts and then had lunch so I’m feeling fairly good, a little tired but other then that I feel good. Would love to have some chocolate but I don’t have any in the house…

If you have done it please leave a comment down, I’d love to hear how you went and if you would do it again.


Nyssa @ the MCG

My bib and medal

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  1. Hailey

    Great achievement!
    Sounds like you have a great time!
    I have only been to Melbourne once and it rained the entire time.
    Hope your legs are feeling better soon!

    • Nyssa

      Thanks Hailey
      I had a massage today so my legs are feeling really good 🙂
      I was lucky with the weather on the day, the sun came out about lunch time and it turned in to a really nice day.

  2. Karen

    I really enjoyed the event. The vibe was relaxed and friendly. The rain held off, and it was fun to “stomp” around the famous MCG in the winter sun, listening to the music, and being encouraged at every turn by the smiling volunteers. I did the short course, which I found well within my fitness range. It I did it again I would definitely challenge myself with the full course. Next goal is the Eureka Tower Climb.

    • Nyssa

      Hi Karen. It was a really good atmosphere. I remember singing a long as I was ‘stomping’ around too. I suppose I’ll do the Eureka Tower climb as well… But I’m taking the elevator down 😉

  3. I would love to do it but maybe only half way 🙁

    • Nyssa

      The half way is still a good distance. Gives your legs a good workout 🙂

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