Munich Brauhaus South Wharf

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Main entrance

Located along the river at South Wharf, just in front of DFO South wharf, you will come across Munich Brauhaus which is a restaurant that brings the beer houses of Munich to Australia. It brings both the beer and food which is absolutely divine.


Walking to Munich HB

As I said the beer house is located along the river in South Wharf, right in front of the DFO shopping centre. From Southern cross station, it is about a 15min walk. If you wish to save some energy then you can catch any tram heading South on Spencer Street to the Crown Casino stop (which is the last stop in the ‘free’ zone) From here you just follow the river down stream towards the ocean and you’ll come across the Munich.

What has it got?

In a nutshell- beer and food. I myself have traveled to Munich, Germany and I absolutely loved it. I loved the food and drink so much that to this day it is still ranked number 1 in my book of places to visit. With Munich brauhaus here in Australia, I can experience what I loved in Germany here in Melbourne. It serves traditional beers from Germany plus some craft beers. There is also some ciders and a fully stocked bar for those who don’t like beer.

So good food?

Yep. Now Germany is known for sausages and pork so these are the main items to go for. There was a sausage platter that

Excellent food

allows you to sample different types of sausages- all of them were amazing except 1, I was not a fan of the veal and truffle sausages. I thought together they might be alright but I don’t like veal or truffle on their own at any time. My dad however really enjoyed it so give it a go before you give your opinion. The cheese kransky sausage was my favourite!

Does it have those big mug beers?

It most certainly does! They hold about 1ltr of beer. Now I haven’t really had a session on these for the most I have managed is 2. Its a lot of liquid to take in but I know some people who have had 5-6 in a session!

Is there music?

Yep most nights there is a band playing. Usually the traditional songs that are played in

Along the river seating

Munich, Germany. So the songs are kind of like folk songs. They have an up beat tempo and will make you tap your feet. Of course there is some crowd interaction. Mostly just stomping your feet or clapping your hands. This makes for a jolly good time.

So inclusion the Munich Bauhaus is an excellent restaurant and beer provider. You can go to the DFO South wharf for a day of shopping and then at the end of your shopping, pop over to the Munich Brauhaus and have a couple of beers and some excellent food to finish the day. Out of towner’s coming into Melbourne, you guys should defiantly put this place on your list of things to do (looking for accommodation? Go to Hotelscombined to find the best deal for you).

If you yourself have been here, then please leave a comment down below with your experience, share this article with your friends to entice them to come along and also like this page.


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