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Want to get in on some Melbourne deals or maybe some Melbourne hotel deals? Well today is your lucky day, let me introduce you to Scoopon -one of the best online deals website you can find.

What is it?

It’s Scoopon. A site that has deals ranging in all sorts of options, from hotel deals, food deals and activity deals. You can have 3 course dinners at some high end establishments for a fraction of the total cost. If you are visiting Melbourne why not take a ride on the Melbourne star observation wheel for only $20 instead of $36? There is also mini getaways available in most states. Of course there are restaurant deals as well. You can get 3 course meals at some of Melbourne’s best restaurants at a discounted rate. You can get almost 50% off on some deals!


Well that one of the beauty parts Scoopon. It is an online site so it not only includes Melbourne but has deals in many places. Not only are there deals here in Australia but there are travel deals available to places including China, Bali and even cruise deals.


Easy. You buy a voucher online and then exchange it for the service you want. Of course there will be some T&C’s so please read them first before buying a product. Most of the restaurants vouchers once purchased, you will have to book in to when you want to go. As these vouchers are at a discounted rate, the venues only allow a certain amount per day. However the more relaxed places that serve more ‘takeaway’ food then you will usually find you can go in just about any time. The high tea venues are usually only available on certain days so read the T&C’s carefully for them.


Scoopon has travel packages, food and drink deals, events and activities, local services, just to name a few. The best way is to just jump online to their site and see for yourself. I love the site as it has shown me more places to see and do in my local city. It does have a few deals on burgers at different places around the city that someone has to try them all so I’ll put my hand up to do that 😉

If you have used Scoopon yourself please leave a comment below and tell me what you used it for and if you thought it was worth it. Also please share this article on Facebook to allow your friends access to some great deals.

Also if you know of any other online deals like Scoopon, please tell me so that I can share it with it others.

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