Eureka Skydeck- a birds eye view of Melbourne

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The Eureka tower

If you look at the skyline of Melbourne, you will notice that one building stands above the rest. This building is called the Eureka Tower.

Flinders street station


At the bottom is offices and businesses, then there is some apartments but second from the top is one of Melbourne’s best tourist attractions, the Eureka Skydeck. The Skyjack is located 285m from the ground and offers 360 degree views of Melbourne. It is the best birds eye view of Melbourne you can get, unless you hire a helicopter.

Looking straight down

Whats up there?

There is a cafe there so you can have a coffee and a muffin while looking down on people going about their day, although because of the height, they do look like the size of ants. If you visit during traffic peak hour in the afternoon you can watch the

city streets become full of cars as workers finish their day and head on home. If you look towards Flinders street station you can watch hundreds of people coming into the station- it’s very fascinating (but I’ll admit its not for everyone).

The cafe is license so you can enjoy an adult beverage well watching the people below or the clouds around Melbourne. It is not a well stocked cafe meaning your choices are very limited and its not really a place you go to to have after work drinks.

As I stated in the beginning, there is 360 degree view of Melbourne. The whole floor has windows all around it. There is even a

External balcony

small section where you can step outside and brave the wind, to get some excellent photos of the St Kilda area. There is a 2 door system that stands between you and the outside world. One door must be closed before the other will open- this is itself amusing to watch people trying to get in and out of. There is netting so you can’t jump over but you can put your camera through to get an uninterrupted photo.

Most of the windows are usually pretty clean but glare is a problem when taking photos through the windows. They are tinted and double glazed otherwise during summer no one would go up there due to the heat! Scattered around the floor are little snippets of information and of course there are hollow tubes that when you look through will show other highlights of Melbourne, for example the M.C.G, Arts centre etc.

Opening hours

Opening hours are 10:00am to 10:00pm daily except Christmas and New Year’s Eve when it closes at 5:30pm


Yes there is a cost. Your best bet is to check out the web site to find a ticket for you here. There are of course family tickets available.

The Edge

Now for those who like to do a bit of thrill seeking or maybe you just want a better photo of Melbourne, then there is ‘The Edge’. This is a glass cube that is is flush with the floor and looks nothing out of the ordinary but once you step in (at an extra cost) the whole room slowly moves out over into empty space so you can look straight down. I myself have never done it as I’m not adventurous and don’t need the photo.

Anything else?

There is photo booth that you can get a special picture of your visit to the Eureka Skydeck. It has a couple of different back

Australia’s highest PO box

drops that you can choose from. There is seating scattered around the floor so you can sit and enjoy the view. Naturally there is toilets so if you wish to have the ‘highest poo in Melbourne’ then you can go for it.

There is also ‘Australia’s highest post box’ so you can post a postcard to friends from the highest PO box in Australia. Costs the same as any other PO box so why not send your postcards or letters to your friends and family with a bit of trivia on it.

On your way out there is another shop where you can buy some more souvenirs that include jumpers, stuffed animals and key chains.

Souvenirs on the ground level

Charity event

Once a year the stairs of the Eureka tower are opened for a challenge for those who wish to participate in challenging themselves and helping rise money for charity. So on November the 19th 2017, the tower will be opened for the climb. Some will actually race up the stairs! I have decided that I will challenge myself and give it ago. 88 floors is all I have to walk up. There is no time limit but for myself I’m hoping to do it in under 1 hour- Under 45mins would be brilliant.

I am trying to raise $150 for the chosen charities so if you can then please help me reach my goal here.


All in all if you are visiting Melbourne or maybe you live in Melbourne, then I recommend going up the Eureka Skydeck. If you go during sunset then you can have some excellent views of the sun going down. Yes you do need to plan incase of weather but then again being 285m up and surrounded by cloud is a very surreal. Check out Hotels combined to find your perfect hotel.

If you would like some more information then you can go to the Eureka Skydeck official website here.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Other then that, thank you for visiting my site and have a good day/ evening.



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