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DFO shopping has malls all around Melbourne but today I’m going to write about the DFO in South Wharf.

What is it?

Well DFO is stands for ‘direct factory outlet’, that means that these items for sale have come straight from the factory but this isn’t really the case.

DFO shopping malls do have named brands at a discount rate. You can get some great deals and bargains. And DFO in South Wharf has lots of shops to choose from.

Where is it?

Southern cross station to DFO South wharf

South Wharf is a suburb of Melbourne. It is located pretty much right next door to the CBD. I remember walking through this area 10 years ago and there was nothing of interest here. There was a park and that was about it. But a few years ago some bright sparks got together and decided on how they can improve the area. What they did was build a brand new convention  and shopping centre. The DFO it’s self is only a 15min walk away from Southern Cross station which is the closest train station. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can catch any tram heading South on Spencer street, to the Crown Casino stop which is the last stop in the free zone.

If you wish to drive then there is plenty of parking however it is paid parking. The current rate is $10 and hour but you can get 50% off that when you shop at DFO.

DFO South Wharf opening hours

The DFO South wharf is opened from 10:00am to 6:00pm everyday except Fridays, when it stays open later till 9:00pm for your late night shopping needs. These hours may change throughout the year so your best bet would be to check the website here to see if the hours have changed.

Women’s fashion

Yep DFO has lots of shops for women- there is casual wear from stores like Just Jeans and Jays Jays, to more upmarket places like Armani Exchange and Karen Miller. There are of course lots of accessories around. If you have a look in mind then you can get at DFO South Wharf. Of course if you are looking for women’s sporting clothing then you have heaps of options with Nike, Adidas, Fila and Lorna Jane. So if you are looking for some new gym wear or maybe you wish to go for a run or even do some yoga, DFO South Wharf has you covered.

Mens fashion

DFO hasn’t left the men out, there are many shops to cover whatever style you ant. There are surf shops like Billabong and O’Neill. To the more formal men looking for a suit there is Peter Jackson and Van Heusen. Of course there is plenty of shops to offer casual wear for everyone like Rivers and Levi’s

Children’s clothing

There are a couple of stores that only sell children clothing but most of the big brand shops have a section for kids clothing. Cotton on Kids is one such store that only sells children’s clothing.

Any shoe shops?

Yes! Lots of shoes to cover whatever even you want to cover. From formal wear to hiking to beach settings. There is a shoe for you at DFO South Wharf.

What about some bedding?

Yep got you covered there as well. With stores like Adairs and Bed Bath N’ Table, DFO has you covered for all your manchester needs. New bed sheets or towels or a new donna, its all here.

What else you got?

Well if you are in the market for a new suitcase then yes, we have you covered. Or maybe you need a new bag to go with your outfit. You can find here at DFO.

Any food?

There is a food court located inside the mall, however its not the biggest and can get full really quickly. If you are after something quick then the food court is fine but if you are making a day of your shopping experience and wish to have a dining experience then along the river are some excellent bars and restaurants, these include Munich Brau Haus, Plus 5 bar and Bangpop. Keep a look out for happy hour where you can get some great drink specials.

Anything else?

DFO shopping is great as you can find some great deals and bargains. However to really appreciate DFO shopping you must not have a very specific item in mind. This means that if are after a very specific shoe like the men’s Nike Air max 90 Ultra 2.0 essential shoe then you will be more then likely come out disappointed. The best way to go into the shops is to say ‘I want a running shoe that is black and lightweight’. This will give you more options and may even allow you to buy the item at a much cheaper price then you had budgeted for. I myself buy Sketchers for pretty much all my shoe needs as they fit my feet great, when I am after a new shoe for say the gym then I go into the store and see what is on special. This way I have never paid over $70 for a sketcher shoe.

You won’t find many items that are ‘in’ season. Most items on sale are coming to the end of their cycle- which is why they are sold cheaper. I myself am not at the forefront of fashion so I don’t need the latest and ‘in’ season fashion so DFO shopping works well for me.

So the next time you want to update your wardrobe or find some shoes then I highly recommend taking a day trip to DFO South Wharf. It has plenty of shops to increase your chances of success and along the river you will find some great restaurants to have some awesome food and drink specials.

Friday nights get very busy so if you do want to go out I recommend you book a table or get in early.


If you yourself have been to DFO South Wharf then tell me which store is your favourite and why in the comments below. If you are an out of towner then make it a weekend trip, check out Hotelscombined to find a hotel for you.



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