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Munich Brauhaus South Wharf

Located along the river at South Wharf, just in front of DFO South wharf, you will come across Munich Brauhaus which is a restaurant that brings the beer houses of Munich to Australia. It brings both the beer and food

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Eureka Skydeck- a birds eye view of Melbourne

If you look at the skyline of Melbourne, you will notice that one building stands above the rest. This building is called the Eureka Tower.   At the bottom is offices and businesses, then there is some apartments but second

Melbourne Museum

Here in Melbourne we have the Melbourne Museum. Not the biggest museum around but for Melbourne it can fill in an afternoon. I recently just visited the museum with my dad and we both had a good experience. Where is

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Yep, you read it right. Melbourne has a cat cafe. A place where you can go and pet the kitties and enjoy a drink at the same time. And yes it’s very relaxing but then again I’m a cat lover