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Yep, you read it right. Melbourne has a cat cafe. A place where you can go and pet the kitties and enjoy a drink at the same time. And yes it’s very relaxing but then again I’m a cat lover so I really enjoyed it. Cat cafes are huge in places like Japan. It is said that spending time with cats have be known to lower high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. So you could say a visit is for ‘medicinal’ purposes.

Walking to Cat Cafe


The Cat Cafe is located at 30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne. The closest train or tram stop is Melbourne Central Station (another big shopping complex of Melbourne).

You can walk from Southern Cross station and it’ll take about 20mins but as its within the CBD free tram zone, jump on a tram to get you closer and quicker.



To gain entry you’ll need to book on their website. Sessions are booked in 1 hour allotments. You can do back to back sessions if you wish.


The cafe is open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm however it is closed from 1pm-2pm everyday. It may be closed on some public holidays so your best bet is to check the website before heading down. These times are the winter times. During summer the hours may be extended.

What’s involved?

When you arrive at the front shop you will have to wait until your allocated time before heading up. You can order your food and coffee before heading up (there is no soy milk available as it can make the cats sick). There wasn’t a lot of choice when I went but I didn’t go for the food, I went for the cats.

Now as you know as a cat person, cats are very independent. When you attend the cafe, there is a good chance the cats will ignore you, don’t be offended, they’re cats. You can pat sleepy cats but do not pick them up.


Sessions go for an hour which is a good time as you can sit and play the cats or you could just read a book and relax. The cats are not up for adoption. They have been picked to be easy going and comfortable living with other cats and seeing humans every day. The cats are permanent residents of the property so they know their way around. There is of course an area where the cats can go to be away from humans -we are need time out being social 🙂

There is also a shop on entry, where you can buy souvenirs and other supplies for your kitty cats. There is even stuff for humans as well.

If you have visited the cat cafe, please leave a comment down below and tell me how the experience was for you.

Now I wonder when a dog cafe will be opened….

Cats in the cafe

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